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Baby's First Massage Class

Baby's First Massage™ is an introductory class in newborn massage; however the techniques learned in this class,  50+ page booklet, and jojoba sample can be modified to be used on any age baby, toddler, or child.

We know now that infant massage helps growth and development.  Babies who are massaged gain more weight, they sleep better, they are less irritable, they are more responsive, they have better interactions with their parents, and they show superior mental and motor development.”
                                     - Tiffany Field, Ph.D., Director
                                       Touch Research Institute

NEWBORN MASSAGE  is a systematic way of touching that involves listening, gentleness, and protectiveness for your baby.  The person giving the massage learns to interpret newborn communication through baby’s body language of time-out cues and cries.  Monitoring and responding appropriately to these messages enhance baby’s development and bonding relationship by comforting and trust.

Newborns have special needs to consider during massage.  Massage speeds the healing of birth trauma and stimulates the nervous system, via the skin, to assist in its development.  The massage techniques learned will assist with healing, growth, digestion, elimination, and better sleep/wake behaviors. 

In this class, you will learn:
     * Why birth is traumatic and the healing process of newborns
     *  Interpreting newborn communication by body language & time-out cues
     *  Crying and coping
     *  Comforting techniques
     *  Giving a loving, gentle massage which can be continued through childhood
You may choose to meet with up to four other new couples in a cozy setting, or have a private 60 minute class in your home with your baby or a doll if not given birth.  Cost is $45/couple at my locations.  Brochure available.

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