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With 25+ years of experience and continuing education in different states and internationally, I have more to offer than most therapists in terms of background and techniques.  I customize each session listening to where you want more concentration and then work with breathing and my hands to allow your body to relax at its pace before we begin with massage techniques. 

Three types of heat are incorporated:  the table is adjustably heated, a thermophore heat pad is placed on top of the oversized towels covering your body, and a neck heat pad is used to relax and restore the proper vertebral curve.

The lubricant used is pure Jojoba seed extract.  The seeds contain large quantities of liquid wax esters; these esters are similar to the natural restorative esters our sebaceous glands produce for our skin.  Pure jojoba also contain natural forms of te anti-oxidant, Vitamin E, which is why it is recommended for babies to nurture newborn skin and not clog pores, the way that oils, lotions, and gels may.  Jojoba is often used in skin and hair conditioning products.  After using jojoba, skin feels soft and healthy, not oily or greasy. 

In addition, I have about 20 blends of essential oils in jojoba for you to select from for the aromatherapy massage session.  Biofreeze, a topical analgesic of camphor and menthol, is offered at the end of the massage session to experience immediately or as a sample packet to take home for later.  Olbas oil is often used during the massage to ease congestion or headache issues.

Below are details of five other types of massage offered:

Therapeutic Massage
If the basic massage with extra concentration in your problem area still is not quite enough to "Feel the Difference", you can upgrade to a Therapeutic Massage for $5 more.  What differentiates this massage is the incorporation of three 'extras'.  First, hot stones are used in the problem area at the beginning of the massage.  Second, more invasive techniques are used as well as active stretching to more deeply address the problem area throughout the massage.  Third, a percusser device is used at the end of the massage over the spine and problem areas.  Biofreeze, Olbas Oil, and Aromatherapy are still used.

Hot Stone Massage
Hot Stone "Feel the Difference" with the ultimate in relaxation!  54 different size basalt lava rocks are heated in two crockpots in order to have a constant supply of hot stones.  You begin this massage by lying on 12 stones, six along each side of the spine, so your back is worked on during the entire session, either 'passively' from the heat of the stones or 'actively' when I use them directly on your back.  Stones are placed on top of you, wedged underneath the neck/shoulder area, and even placed between your toes.  Then the massage is performed with stones in my hands for you to feel the penetrating heat from stones which relaxes muscles to a unique level. 

Raindrop Massage
Rain DropThe power of 9 different plant essences applied directly on the skin allows you to "Feel the Difference" as well derive inhalation benefits from the plant essential oils.  The concentration of this massage is along the spine, but arms, legs, neck, and ears are worked.  Raindrop is a great boost to the immune system, helps relieve jet lag, and seems to revitalize both physically and mentally.

Concentration on feet, hands, and ears.  Can blend with more massage and joint stretching or keep with pressure point work.  Can be performed seated, lying flat on table, or in bodyCushion™.

Manual Lymph Drainage Session(s)
Extremely gentle, rhythmic, and slow techniques stretch the skin just enough to stimulate and increase lymph flow, reducing swelling, pain, and inflammation while boosting the immune system. See the side bar for more details on these sessions. Experience immediate relief from sinus congestion, allergy symptoms, headaches, facial/dental surgeries, and other head issues during the hour head/face/neck session. Or feel relaxed, yet rejuvenated during a full-body detox session. For those with any swelling issues (normal post-surgical, liposuction, pregnancy, lymphedema), a focused session on the swollen area (before and after measurements taken for lymphedema series) includes education on self massage and specific exercises/movements for continued benefits.

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