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Use of the 'bodyCushion'

The bodyCushion™ is an alternative to lying flat on a massage table.  The bodyCushion™ is a high tech, high quality body positioning system which allows a person to lie face down, face up, or on their side without the necessary pressure on the soft tissue areas of the body. 

The bodyCushion™ is adjustable to allow for an extensive range of body sizes and provides maximum support and comfort.  Support is placed on the bony structures of the body like the clavicle, sternum, ribs, and pelvis, thereby decompressing the spine.  Comfort is provided from the additional head, arm, and leg support pieces.

It is ideal for pregnant women, as the abdominal depression is a graduated 5" for maximum uterus support for most women even in their ninth month of pregnancy face-down!  The breast graduated depressions allow for face-down comfort for nursing mothers.  Those depressions allow face-down comfort for breast augmentations and abdominal surgical sensitivities also.

The versatility and additional elevating support pieces of the bodyCushion™ enhance comfort during manual lymphatic drainage massage and any situation where swelling or edema are addressed.

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