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Manual Lymph Drainage


  • Autoimmune Disorders (Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Arthritis)
  • Detox  (Burns, Chemotherapy, Drugs)
  • Edema (chronic as in Lymphedema)
  • Post-Surgical Edema (temporary as in joint replacements, dental work, cosmetic surgeries, etc.)
  • Pain is reduced as pressure is relieved
  • Promotes faster healing
  • Head and Sinus Issues (Allergies, Colds, Sinus Pressure, Migraines, Tinnitus)
  • Venous Insufficiency (circulation increases, swelling decreases)

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is extremely gentle and relaxing, yet highly effective in stimulating specific fuctions of the lymphatic system primarily immunity and fluid balance.  Manual techniques are systematically and rhythmically performed to stretch the skin just enough to stimulate and increase lymph flow, reducing swelling, pain, and inflammation while boosting the immune system.

After completing a 140+ hour training program approved by the National Lymphedema Network, I am a Certified Lymphatic Therapist.  See side bar for information about the Lymphatic System and Lymphedema.

The bodyCushion is used for maximum comfort and elevation support during your session; as well as heat, candlelight, soft music, fountain sounds, aromatic scents.  This type of massage can be done fully clothed and does not need a lubricant. 

The entire body is worked during a general detox session, leaving you feel incredibly relaxed yet rejuvenated.  With any of the head issues, the entire hour is focused on the head/neck/face; where you will experience relief during the session. 

For those with any swelling issues (normal post-surgical, pregnancy, lymphedema), a focused session on the swollen area (before and after measurements taken).  Most people can feel, if not see, the difference after the first session.  I teach self massage skills so you can continue to maximize the benefits. 

This massage should be experienced by all just to 'Feel the Difference'!

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